torsdag 31 augusti 2017

[X]Sites Sjuhäradsrundan, Heart of Gold

A spaceship has landed just a stone’s throw west of Svenljunga. Heart of Gold has finally returned, among the moose grass, in the forest after many light years in cold space.
I am reading the book “The Restaurant at the end of the Universe” by Douglas Adams. I just take random parts of the story and fit it to my own. Food, tee, a spaceship, searching for the truth, for the meaning of life. I pick a titel to my work, their spaceship is called Heart of Gold. My age is now 42, which is according to the story by Douglas Adams the answer to the meaning of life. The answer is 42, but what is the question? 

Already in 1699 they know something spectacular would happen at this place. In the old map you can see the location to my artpice marked with a star.

The show will be up until the 8th of October 2017, Svenljunga, Sweden.